2021 Bestsellers

As the year draws to a close, we are here with your annual round-up of bestselling products. From our long-running classics, to the new kids on the block - ladies and gentlemen we present to you, the top 10 products of 2021...
No. 1
Wayuu Pom Pom Tassel
A clear fine winner, our humble yet glorious tassels are now adorning over 1000 door handles, wardrobes and baskets across the world over...
Wayuu Pom Pom Tassel Cream
No. 2
Sandra Woven Napkin Ring
The napkin ring has been top of the charts this year, Sandra is simple yet totally stunning with almost any backdrop...
Sandra Woven Napkin Ring
No. 3
Sandra Woven Placemats
The Sandra strikes again, she's the one that we all keep coming back to year after year. And she's most definitely worth it...
Sandra Woven Placemats | Natural and Mulberry
No. 4
Narino Woven Placemats
The mesmerizing Narino swirls have caught your eye once again, a home staple for all the family meals...
Narino Woven Placemats | Scarlet Red
No. 5
Palmito Shellfish Napkin Ring
The year of the napkin ring continues as our adorable lobsters have been causing a stir at dining tables everywhere...
Palmito Shellfish Napkin Rings | Lobster
No. 6
Sandra Woven Coaster
Sandra is clearly one popular lady, but this time it's the handwoven coaster that is making history...Sandra Woven Coaster
No. 7
Estrella Woven Placemats
A real star of the table, our Estrella Placemats made it to number seven...
Estrella Woven Placemat | Midnight Blue
No. 8
Conchita Woven Placemats
Another placemat in the running; the curves of Conchita were a definite hit this year...
Conchita Woven Placemat | Rose Pink
No. 9
Duitama Woollen Blanket
It's a little touch of comfort for number nine. These woollen wonders kept us warm in the winter and picnic-ready in the summer...
Duitama Woollen Blanket | White with Black Stripes
No. 10
Palmito Fruity Napkin Ring
And lastly, it had to be 'the cherry on top' with our Palmito Cherry Napkin Rings...
Palmito Fruity Napkin Rings | Cherries

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