A Golden Era: Pre-Columbia

The pre-Columbian era refers to the time before the Spanish conquest of Colombia in the 16th century; it reflects the ancient cultures and traditions of Colombia and is the inspiration behind our latest jewellery collection.

Whilst numerous cultures inhabited the country during this time, we have chosen a select few for the focus of our collection: Tairona, Sinú (or Zenú) and Muisca.


The Tairona were based in the north of Colombia in the infamous Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range and were well known for their goldsmith craft, as well as pottery and stone constructions. Our Tairona collection reflects some of the key features of this culture including the zoomorph (a figure representing animal kinship), the frog (which held great significance and represented fertility) and a reinterpretation of the traditional nose ring (originally worn by the more elite members of society).

Tairona Collection


The Sinú - also known by the name Zenú - are a culture which continues to craft traditional pieces including our legendary Sombrero Vueltiao and striking Zig Zag and Diagonal Woven Napkin Rings. Located across northwest Colombia in the vast lands of Córdoba and Sucre, they were traditionally known for their ritual ceramics and of course, goldsmith work. The Sinú jewellery collection is again inspired by the traditional nose rings worn by the higher members of society within this pre-Columbian culture. The sharp edging and curved lines make for a perfect blend of traditional design with a modern edge.

Sinu Collection


The Muisca were mainly found in the area which is now classed as Bogotá and the regions of Boyacá and Cundinamarca in central Colombia. They were traditionally known for trading and dealt with items such as gold, emerald, ceramics, coca and rock salt; in addition, they were also famed for their creation of intricate gold 'tunjos' figurines used for rituals and important ceremonies. The traditional pendants and broaches of the Muisca were often used by shamans to decorate their body during different ceremonies and rituals and this is the main inspiration behind our latest Muisca jewellery collection.

Muisca Collection

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