FOR THEM | Gifts For All The Family

 Families: often the greatest part of Christmas, but also the cause of all the pre-gifting stress. Well, fear not, as The Colombia Collective is here to offer a guiding hand. With gifts as versatile as the personalities that make the family, we’ve got the perfect present for everyone this Christmas.
The Mother
The ultimate must have for every homemaker, and with all the accessories to win those ever needed bonus points. We especially love the Mulberry as it looks as gorgeous on a wooden table as it does on a crisp, clean tablecloth - talk about an all-rounder.
The Father
The perfect size for a double bed or a snuggle on the sofa, those long nights in front of the fire just got even more cosy with the warmest and most durable blanket around. 
The Colombia Collective - Duitama Woollen Blanket | Grey with Black Stripes
The Wife
She’s your be-all and end-all, show her how much you care (and what good taste you have of course) with the basket to end all baskets and the ultimate storage solution for all those bits and bobs with nowhere else to go. 
The Mother-in-Law

She’s always the hardest one to impress, but we’ve got the secret. Our Estrella Woven Placemats have been out of stock for months but now they’re back, and we know she’s been eyeing them up… 

Estrella Woven Placemats | NaturalThe Colombia Collective - [Estrella Woven Placemats | Natural]

The Brother
With napkin rings this fun to look at, maybe he’ll even start laying the table next year?
The Sister 
She’s already planning her trip to the sunshine next year, and we wouldn’t want her to think we’ve forgotten. In steps the Narino Woven Tote, she will be the envy of all on those sandy beaches to come, just you wait.
The Girlfriend
You know how she can never decide which bag to wear with which outfit? We have solid evidence that the Pom Pom Bag is the go-to solution for them all. If you’re stuck on colours - we think the blue, red and beige are the ones that go with everything…
The Aunt & Uncle
For the fruity but fabulous Aunties and Uncles out there, these watermelon napkin rings will be the ultimate crowd pleaser for years to come. 
The Grandmother
The glamorous Grandmother who’s got it all will look as elegant as can be in our Narino Woven Visors whilst also keeping them out of the sun, all without ruining their hair. 
The Goddaughter
Be the coolest godparent out there with the sustainably sourced, beautifully crafted fashion accessory to make their friends green with envy. You can even get it gift wrapped and sent straight to their door…
The Neighbour 
They’ve been collecting your parcels all year, keeping the noise down during those important calls and now it’s the time to give them a little something to show how much you appreciate it. You could even just leave it hanging on their front door handle with a little note, it doesn't get much more subtle than that!

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