Meet The Makers: Usiacuri

Usiacuri is a peaceful town, tucked away in the hills near Barranquilla. But don't be deceived, this seemingly quiet place is actually the hub for our most coveted placemats, bowls and bags.  


the colombia collective - artisans usiacuri
The people of Usiacuri have been working with iraca palm for generations. The harvesting and crafting of the iraca palm goes all the way back to the second decade of the nineteenth century. Today it is the major source of occupation for the region. If you peep through the windows of the town, you'll see daughters, mothers and grandmothers weaving throughout the heat of the day - their treasured skills passed down from generation to generation.


the colombia collective - artisans weaving usiacuri 
The Colombia Collective has thirteen separate products made by the Usiacuri - the biggest production from any of our artisan communities. Each product has its own intricate handiwork, made by weaving iraca palm around a wire frame to create detailed yet functionally practical patterns. The iraca palm is then 'cooked' in dye and constantly stirred so that the colour is fixed evenly.


the colombia collective - artisans weaving usiacuri
Originally the iraca palm was sourced from the local grasslands but due to changes in climate, it is now bought from Bolivar, a few hours south, to be washed, dyed, dried, and cut to size ready for weaving. 


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