The Power of Your Purchase

What a year it has been! And we couldn't miss the opportunity of Thanksgiving to say a special thank you to all of our Colombia Collective family - we also thought it might be a good time to share a bit about what your purchases really mean, and the impact every single one has on the artisans and their communities.
Our Values
For people living in rural areas, craft is not only a part of their history and identity but also a fundamental part of their local economy. You might have spotted that the names of some of our products refer to small towns and villages in Colombia, this is because that’s where all of the artisans from that community are based. By purchasing our products, you, as the consumer, are helping to stimulate the economies of indigenous communities across Colombia. We have concentrated our efforts across just 14 small communities in order to ensure that a significant impact can be made for each and every one of our artisan families.
Artisan Making Wire Frame
One of our key focuses here at The Colombia Collective, is on ensuring that the traditional crafting techniques of Colombia, continue to be passed down across generations. There is a unique beauty in finding pieces which have a story, a heritage and of course an experienced design element within them. Through buying our products, you are helping to preserve these skills and techniques and consequently ensuring that the identity of our artisans and their ancestors continue to be celebrated.
Artisan Weaving Loom
As you know, we work directly with the people who make each and every one of our pieces - we know them and they know you! Our founder Kate is in constant conversation with our delightful artisans, updating them on our progress and sharing our exciting news and upcoming projects. We truly love the relationship we have built with our artisans and know that without them The Colombia Collective could never be possible. With a (hopeful) trip to Colombia planned for early next year, we cannot wait to share more of their wonderful stories and smiles with you.
Artisan Hand Weaving

Thank you for helping us to continue to support our artisans and make a real change for the lives of indigenous communities across Colombia. We truly appreciate every one of our customers and the incredible impact that you make with every purchase.


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