The Colombia Collective works directly with artisan communities across Colombia to create exquisitely handcrafted fashion and interior collections. With a timeless blend of traditional techniques and modern design, our aim is to preserve and sustain Colombia’s ancestral crafts, and bring their incredible work to homes and closets around the world.


The project was founded in 2019 by Kate Wrigley whilst living and working as an architect in Bogotá. Today, we work with over 800 artisans from 14 different communities. Our journey is one of constantly learning from one another, collaborating and developing new collections. Each community has its own culture, identity and stories that form a fundamental part of their work. 

These are the people and stories that we seek to celebrate in everything we do...




Across Colombia, ancestral craft techniques have been passed down for generations and form a valuable part of a community’s culture and identity. However, due to a lack of value, demand and innovation, these techniques are in danger of being lost forever. Through working and collaborating directly with artisans across the country, blending traditional techniques with modern design, we hope to help preserve and sustain these cultures and techniques for generations to come. 




Throughout the world, the people behind artisanal craft are often undervalued and under acknowledged. Large brands and corporations buy handcrafted pieces from remote parts of the world at a bare minimum price and rebrand them as their own. Our aim is to put the artisans themselves at the forefront of everything we do, to give them the spotlight so that their work and stories are seen and heard around the world. 




Craft provides a valuable source of income for families in rural areas who are often limited by their ability to work beyond their homes. However, many struggle to make enough sales throughout the year due to their remote locations and lack of access to market places. Through connecting these communities to global markets and conscious consumers around the world, we hope to increase the sales and value of their craft. 

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