Every piece we make is a complete collaboration. Through working directly with our artisans, we are able to develop real, long-lasting relationships built on trust, transparency and mutual respect. Ultimately, the welfare of our artisans is of the utmost importance, whether that means longer lead times to ensure no unnecessary pressure or providing grants and advance payments when natural life difficulties occur. We’re in this together.


Every single product is completely unique and tells the story of not only the maker, but a culture, identity and way of life. Skills are passed down from generation to generation and the knowledge combined with love and passion are what gives each piece its true value, far beyond anything on the mass market. As one of our artisans, Blanca states: “Craftsmanship has to be done with a lot of love and with a lot of patience, a lot of dedication. And for me, each little piece is not simply a piece, it’s a work of art. They are works of art that emerge from within me.”



Across Colombia, ancestral craft techniques have been passed down for generations and form a huge part of a community’s culture and identity. However, due to a lack of innovation and demand, these are in danger of being lost forever. Through bringing their craft to the international market, we hope to help preserve and sustain these techniques for generations to come.


Sadly, the people behind the craft are often undervalued and under-acknowledged. Large brands and corporations often buy handcrafted pieces from remote parts of the world at a minimum price and rebrand them as their own. Our aim is to ensure the talented artisans are celebrated at the forefront of everything we do. We want to give them the spotlight so that their talents and stories can be seen and heard around the world.


For those living in rural areas, craft is a valuable source of income, particularly with the recent impact of global warming on agriculture. However, due to their remote locations and lack of access to marketplaces, many struggle to make enough sales throughout the year. By connecting these communities to global markets and conscious consumers, we hope to increase both the demand and value of their craft.