Omaira Small Woven Bowl


These gorgeous little bowls are a stunning touch of colour to your home. Perfect for all sorts of bits and bobs, jewellery, socks, you name it... Each piece is beautifully hand woven by our artisans in the tiny town of Guacamayas high in the mountains of Boyacá. 



Guacamayas, a town overflowing with colour, hidden high in the Andes overlooking the endless valleys below. Weaving is at the heart of the local culture, with statues and patterns of the craft dotted across the main square, and providing a source of income for over 400 people in the town. Bunches of straw from the local fields are wrapped with threads of fique and dyed every colour of the rainbow to create the most stunning array of pieces. Both boys and girls begin to weave from a young age, watching their parents and grandparents before they can proudly present their achievements to the association. 

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