Colombian Palm Handwoven Straw Natural Bowl

Sandra Woven Bowl


Perfectly matched with our Sandra Woven Placemats, these light and airy bowls are a magical addition to any home. Fill with colourful fruit or use to tidy away various knick-knacks. Each bowl is beautifully handwoven by our artisans in the tiny town of Usiacuri in the north of Colombia.



    Tucked away in the hills near Barranquilla, Usiacurí is one of the most peaceful towns in the country. Both men and women have been working with iraca palm for generations and one still sees, peeping through the windows, daughters, mothers and grandmothers sat together weaving away through the heat of the day. Originally the palm was sourced from the local grasslands but due to changes in climate, it is now bought from Bolivar, a few hours south, to be washed, dyed, dried, and cut to size ready for weaving.


    MEASUREMENTS: Diameter 30cm, Height 12cm

    MATERIAL: Iraca Palm with Wireframe

    COLOUR: Natural

    ORIGIN: Usiacurí, Atlantico

  • CARE

    Clean with a humid cloth

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