Liliana Ceramic Serving Bowl


Beautifully crafted and hand painted with a floral design, this Ceramic Serving Bowl is a work of art all in itself. Made in the Colombian town of Carmen de Viboral, famed for its ceramic industry, the Liliana tableware collection adds colour and vibrancy to any mealtime.

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MEASUREMENTS: Diameter 33cm, Height 7cm


ORIGIN: Carmen de Viboral, Colombia


Dishwasher safe. Can be washed by hand using a smooth sponge.




Crafted and hand painted in the town of Carmen de Viboral in Antioquia, Colombia. Known as the cradle of artisan ceramics, Carmen de Viboral is home to a bounty of family owned workshops in which intricately crafted ceramics are sculpted, hand painted and double baked to create high quality ceramic pieces. The trade in this area has a denomination of origin declaration certifying that the items are made in this specific region which has been famed for its ceramic making since 1898. These handmade, painted designs are often inspired by the local landscapes and flora which offer an insight into the culture of the Carmen de Viboral region.

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