Mompox 950 Silver Fish Necklace


Inspired by the stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, this unique silver Coronel Aureliano necklace offers an understated talking point. The skilled artisans in Mompox, on the banks of the River Magdalena are responsible for its beauty. 


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DIMENSIONS: 3.5 x 1cm (fish), 44cm (chain) + 8cm (extension) 

MATERIAL: 950 Silver

ORIGIN: Mompox, Bolivar





Mompox is a town frozen in time. Located on an island in the midst of the River Magdalena, it was previously completely cut off from the outside world, other than by boat. The goldsmith tradition dates back to the Colonial era, over 350 years ago. Then, the town was an important commercial port through which gold and Spanish crafts passed regularly on merchant ships. The gold and silver is sourced from the Santa Rosa mines in Bolivar, Colombia, and each stunningly intricate piece takes up to 4 days to craft and years of training to master.