Olivia Striped Woven Placemats (Set of 2)

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The classic stripe is given a new lease of life with our bold red, green, yellow and blue woven placemats. The durable placemats (for inside and outside use) are hand-woven on a vertical loom traditionally used for hammocks. Extra fun when combined with our Palmito Shellfish or Fruity Napkin Rings, and for an added stylish touch, layer with our Sandra Woven Placemats 

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Color: Crimson

MEASUREMENTS: 35 x 40 cm

MATERIAL: 100% Cotton

ORIGIN: San Jacinto

Hand-wash with gentle laundry soap and cold water.


In Northern Colombia, the municipality of San Jacinto has made ​​its name as a craft centre. Known as the 'first on the Atlantic Coast', colourful hammocks, handbags and pillows are weaved, amongst other products, on a vertical loom. Girls inherit the craft at the age of 12 and as a result, many follow the path of their artisan mother and grandmother. But weaving is more than an income - it's a way of life for them, a symbol of cultural wealth and tradition. The Colombia Collective has taken the traditional material and re-invigorated it into vibrant tablecloths, tablemats and cushions.

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Perfect for my summer table

So summery... takes me back to holidays on the Med! I can't wait to use these for al fresco dining in the garden. They look great if you mix and match colours too.