The Colombia Collective works, designs and collaborates directly with artisan communities across Colombia, to create sustainably sourced and beautifully crafted homewares and accessories.


Our aim is to develop sustainable economic growth whilst preserving ancestral craft cultures and techniques through design innovation and the increased value of craft.

The company was founded in 2019 by Kate Wrigley. Having moved to Colombia to work for the Mayor of Bogota as an architect, she soon fell completely in love with the incredible and diverse craftsmanship found across Colombia and wanted to share this with others back in the UK.

As we begin each collection, we visit and spend time with each of our artisans and their families to understand the stories and cultures of their craft, before working together closely to develop and curate new collections using traditional techinques - with a touch of British design.

We believe it is fundamental in preserving these craft cultures and techniques that the artisans are given pride and ownership of their work; and that we as consumers truly value the time, knowledge and skill that is goes into each and every piece.

We believe in paying fair wages, transparent sourcing and exquisite design.




All of our pieces are 100% hand made, by real people. Patience ensures that each piece is made with care and precision to achieve the highest quality products that will last a lifetime.



Each technique is not only a form of income for our artisans, it is a fundamental part of their culture and heritage to be respected, sustained and valued every step of the way.



We are committed to paying our artisans a fair price for their time and skills, punctually, and in full. At the same time we are committed to charging you fair prices, based directly on our costs.

Ethically handcrafted to NEST standards

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