Ajiaco Recipe

If you're looking for a little nourishment to see you through the cold autumn days, take a look at our traditional Ajiaco recipe below. A warming Colombian soup made with chicken, potatoes and sweetcorn, this delicious broth is comfort in a bowl. 

Ajiaco Soup
Serves 6 | Prep Time: 20 mins | Cooking Time: 1hr
3 chicken breasts (without skin)
2.8 litres of water
3 cobs of corn (each chopped in 2)
2 chicken stock cubes
3 spring onions (finely sliced)
2 garlic cloves (minced)
30g coriander (chopped)
6 medium potatoes (peeled and sliced)
12 papas criollas (or new potatoes, halved)
dried oregano (to taste)
salt and pepper (for seasoning)
200ml single cream (for serving)
6 tbsp capers (for serving)
1 avocado (diced, for serving)
    1. Place the chicken, corn, water, chicken stock, spring onions, garlic, coriander and the medium potatoes, all in a large pan and bring to the boil. Season well with salt and pepper and once boiling, reduce the heat to medium and allow the ingredients to cook for 45 minutes until the chicken is soft and tender.
    2. Remove the chicken from the pan. If you prefer a thicker consistency, blend the remaining ingredients in the pan with a hand blender, otherwise leave as a broth like texture.
    3. Cook the papas criollas (or new potatoes) in the pan for a further 15 minutes and add the dried oregano.
    4. Shred the chicken breasts and finally return to the pan.
    5. Serve the soup with a side of diced avocado, a drizzle of cream and a sprinkling of capers.


    Best served up on our handwoven Colombian tableware.

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