Set for Success

Do you veer towards pared-back prettiness or are you tempted to get creative and make a statement? From perfect placemats to decorative fans and travel totes, we show you what goes with what and just how to find your match.
Set for Success
Star of the Show: Sandra
What: Intricate, subtle and sophisticated 
When: Just like a trusty LBD, this is your mutli-tasker- that one you can always rely upon whether it be a breakfast in bed or a Friday night dinner party. 
Top Tips: Sandra's light and airy neutrality can be a great base to add some seasonal accompaniment. Change it up with flowers of the moment or colourful napkins.
Star of the Show: Nariño
What: Bold, striking and creative.
When: If you want to make an impression, this is the one for you. Few people won't get lost in Narino's magnetic swirls.

Top Tips: Get inventive with how you use your pieces. Our fan looks fantastic decoratively displayed on a wall, while the tote can be the ultimate multi-tasker, storing scarves or blankets when its not accompanying you.

Narino red placemat
narino red striped tote baskett
Narino red fan
Star of the Show: Nariño Open Weave
WhatSimple, natural beauty.
When: Your everyday hero - go back to basics and celebrate rustic simplicity.  After all, it's whats on the inside that counts - our Liliana clutch is made from natural dyes and fibres from the Pacific jungle.
Top Tips: Our Narino Open Weave Placemats look even better when paired with our Sandra napkin rings, which quite literally pull everything together.