The Heart of The Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often the most social space in the house. No wonder then, that this is the room which requires the most well-thought out interior designing, in order to maximise both usability and style.
They say that the best memories are made when gathering around a dinner table, so of course it makes sense to invest your efforts in refreshing and revitalizing your kitchen-dining spaces.
If you're in need of a few pops of colour with some quirky napkin rings, some modern design elements with stylish placemats or perhaps some ornamental bowls which offer purpose and practicality, our Tableware Collection has got it all.
Check out our top picks below for re-designing your kitchen-diner.
Tip #1: Some Statement Placemats
The Colombia Collective - [Narino Woven Placemat]
Tip #2: A Decorative Fan
The Colombia Collective - [Narino Woven Fan]
Tip #3: A Uniquely Designed Bowl
The Colombia Collective - [Conchita Woven Bowl]
Tip #4: Some Fun-filled Napkin Rings
The Colombia Collective - [Palmito Fruity Napkin Rings]
Tip #5: A Beautifully Crafted Serving Tray
The Colombia Collective - [Sandra Woven Tray]
Tip #6: A Bold Display Plate
The Colombia Collective - [Werregue Woven Plate]
Tip #7: Some Handwoven Coasters
The Colombia Collective - [Sandra Woven Coasters]


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