Bogota Travel Guide

Discover The Colombia Collective's favourite things to see and do in the beautiful city of Bogota...

A city blessed with the Caribbean sunshine, an abundance of hidden gems and a local with a smile and a story around every corner. From museums to markets, bustling city life to the true beauty of nature, here are our favourite things to see and do across the wonderful city of Bogota.

 Gold Museum

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the city, this golden treasure is not to be missed. A walk through this museum showcases pottery, stone, shell, wood and textile artefacts from indigenous communities through the ages, not to mention the largest collection of gold artefacts in the world.

Museo del Oro

Image credit: Museo del Oro de Colombia (@museodeloro) • Instagram photos and videos

Claustro San Agustin

The 18th century Cloister of San Agustin is a thing of architectural beauty. Recovered and restored by the National University of Colombia, the historic monument has been home to numerous military, political and educational institutions and demonstrates the beauty of Colombia's religious colonial architecture.

Claustro San Agustin

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Paloquemao Market

On the hunt for some local, Colombian ingredients? Paloquemao is the place to be. With an abundance of fruits, vegetables and other delectable delights to try, a trip to this market is the perfect way to support local businesses and get a taste of the real Colombia.

Paloquemao Market

Image credit: Food Market in Colombia: Paloquemao - Flavors of Bogota

Walk up to Monseratte

An incredible mountain that overlooks the city of Bogota, Monserrate's stunning views are certainly worth the hike. Take in the clean air and visit the 17th century church that dominates the summit or rest your legs in one of the mountain top cafes or restaurants.


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Botero Museum

The home of one of Latin America's most important international art collections, primarily donated by Fernando Botero, the Botero museum sees nearly 1000 visitors a day thanks to its infamous artworks including that of Picasso, Renoir, Monet, Dali, Giacometti and Freud. A definite must-see for any art lover!

Botero Museum

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Bogota Museum - Casa Samano

Free to visit, the Bogota Museum is the perfect place to take in a little Colombian history. Located in a converted house, Casa Samano's charm comes from weaving through each and every room to discover a new and impressive exhibition. Exhibits here are often temporary so the museum houses an eclectic offering, from history to art to film and much more.

Museo de Bogota

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Museo Santa Clara

If the picture below doesn't take your breath away, we're not sure what will. Holding the shared title for Bogota's oldest church, Santa Clara is also one of the most richly adorned with it's impressive array of golden interiors and baroque art. Containing oil paintings, baroque altar pieces, murals and Mudejar lattices, these interiors really are a feast for the eyes.

Museo Santa Clara

Image credit: travel4pictures | Museo Santa Clara, Bogota 08-2017

Fragmentos Contra-Monumento

Created by the artist Doris Salcedo as a place of Art and Remembrance, Fragmentos is a space in which individuals can come to reflect, create and discuss the unique interpretations of the artist. The armed conflict of Colombia is commemorated through the use of molten weapons and designing of empty space to represent the lasting impact of the conflict.

Fragmentos Contra Monumento

Image credit: “Fragmentos”, contra-monumento para pisar el dolor del conflicto - Quinto Piso

Graffiti Tour

Street art at it's finest. The Graffiti Tour of Bogota will have you gasping in awe at the wonders that grace some of the cities hidden streets. From historical and political events to culture and traditions, to modern day representations, these artworks offer a unique way to understand the truth behind the city of Bogota.

Graffiti Tour Bogota

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