Work The Room

From spacious houses to petitely portioned flats, we've got the best tips for working with the space you've got. Whether you're a country dweller hoping to add a touch of cosiness or a city slicker looking to create the illusion of space, we are here to offer our best tips for making the most out of your home.
For Bigger Spaces
Whilst we all love the idea of expansive rooms, sometimes it can be a little tricky to create that sense of homeliness within larger areas. If you've got a bigger living space to work with, try some of these top tips to master the art of cosy living.
1. Bold Pieces
It's true, bold pieces create a focal point to draw the eye in and away from a blank canvas wall. If you're looking to get away from the clinical look, try some of our Werregue Woven Plates. Their geometric design and use of strong colours not only create a talking point for the room, but also help to break up large spaces.
Werregue Woven Plate - Tigre | Turquoise
Werregue Woven Plate - Armadillo
Werregue Woven Plates
2. Wall Features
Add a little interest by making a feature out of larger wall spaces. You may choose to add bespoke art canvases or prints, or perhaps create your own wall hangings using our handcrafted fans and placemats.
Narino Woven Fan
Estrella Woven Placemats
Conchita Woven Placemats
3. Play With Proportions
Mix and match with different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Through pairing together different sizes and textures, it creates interest and tricks the eye into thinking pieces are larger or fuller than they may actually be. Try mixing and matching our different sizes of Guapi Cuatro Tetas Baskets or even play with pairing together different print styles.
Guapi Cuatro Tetas Baskets - Chequered
Guapi Cuatro Tetas Basket - Mono
4. Don't Be Afraid Of Colour
We know the neutral aesthetic may be very á la mode right now, but don't be shy about adding in some colour too. Larger spaces are best for taking on bright and bold colours and there is no reason why you shouldn't give it a go. If you're not ready to add colour through walls and furniture, try selecting decorative items with a bit of colour such as our fans, tassels and placemats.
 Classic Woven Fan - Red
Wayuu Pom Pom Tassel - Terracotta
Sandra Woven Placemat - Pink
For Smaller Spaces
Bigger isn't always better, sometimes the smallest of rooms can have the biggest of impacts, all you need is some carefully chosen interiors. Take a look at some of these top design tips to ensure you are maximising your space.
1. Statement Storage
Look for dual purpose items which can be both practical and stylish. Our Guapi Cuatro Tetas Baskets and Nariño Woven Basket Bags are perfect additions to any corner of the room and work really well for keeping smaller spaces tidy and organised.
 Guapi Cuatro Tetas Basket - Diamond Red
Narino Woven Basket Bag - Blue
2. Neutral Colours
Keep the room pale and bright in order to allow light to reflect off surfaces. It's no secret that paler colours create the illusion of space and so committing to a more natural aesthetic will work wonders for your room. Try our Duitama Woollen Blanket in white for draping over sofas or accessorize your bedroom with our Nariño Woven Tote in natural. For the kitchen, try choosing from our selection of natural handwoven placemats.
 Duitama Woollen Blanket
Classic Open Weave Placemat
Narino Tote Bag - Natural
3. Pops of Colour
If an all neutral living space isn't your thing, then try adding little pops of colour with smaller items such as our Wayuu Pom Pom Tassels and Nariño Woven Bowls. The tassels are great for hanging around the house and the smaller sized bowls fit perfectly onto side tables.
Wayuu Pom Pom Tassels
Narino Woven Bowl - Red
4. Light and Minimal
Let the space breathe. That means minimize your clutter (see statement storage above) and try to keep your accessories as lightweight as possible. A great option is to look for open weave textures such as our Carmen or Sandra Woven Bowls which allow the light to pass through perfectly.
 Carmen Handwoven Bowl
Sandra Woven Bowl
For Everyone
We couldn't end the blog without adding a few extra tips to be used in any size of home. Check out our  tips below to truly transform your living space.
1. Get Playful
Rules were made for breaking, right? Don't be afraid to step out of the box and try using pieces in unconventional ways. We love the idea of using statement hats like our El Sombrero Vueltiao as wall décor or even using our handwoven fans as table settings.
 El Sombrero Vueltiao
Classic Woven Fan - Natural
2. Create Cohesion
Sometimes it's good to have a little consistency. Keep your spaces well co-ordinated with matching sets such as items from our Sandra, Conchita or Nariño Collections.
Narino Woven Placemat
Narino Woven Fan
Sandra Woven Napkin Ring
Sandra Woven Placemat
3. Think Practical
We would love to create the designer home of our dreams, but in reality our home is for living - and that means practicality is essential. Ensure that you pick out key pieces which will fit seamlessly into your daily life such as bowls for storing keys & other knick-knacks, coasters and placemats to avoid excessive cleaning and a really great serving tray (perfect for hosting guests).
 Conchita Woven Bowl
Conchita Woven Placemats
Sandra Woven Coasters
Sandra Woven Tray
4. Bring The Personality
It's your home, so you've got to make it your own. Don't forget to let your personality shine through when selecting your home décor. Whether you're after something quirky and fun, simple and rustic or perhaps something a little more sophisticated, we've got you covered.
Palmito Shellfish Napkin Ring
Palmito Cherry Napkin Ring
Orchid Woven Napkin Ring

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