Wayuu Woven Tote Bag

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The ultimate handmade beach bag to sling on your shoulder. With a unique azetc print by the Wayuu artisans in the north of Colombia, it is not only stylish but comfortable and practical. It niftly packs flat into your suitcase, whilst managing to fit anything from big beach towels to picnics and more.

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Color: Ivory & Midnight

MEASUREMENTS: 50cm width, 40cm height. Strap 30cm. 

MATERIAL: Iraca Palm


Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry

In Sandona, weaving is the main form of income for many women. During the week, The Wayuu tribe occupy the harsh desert lands in the north of Colombia and across into Venezuela. It is said that the art of weaving was taught to their ancestors by a mythical spider called Waleker. To this day, the art remains a sacred part of the Wayuu culture and identity. Each unique piece is beautifully hand woven by just one woman in the desert lands and can take 20 to 30 days to complete.hey will work on the creations, juggling working on a farm or looking after family. Come the weekend, they will travel to a workshop to practice and evolve these designs. This involves converting the native iraca palm into thin or thicker threads, to create the unique pieces you see today.

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