COLLAB: Collagerie x The Colombia Collective

Our latest collaboration project is a joyous selection of handmade, colourful delights. We've teamed up with the one and only Collagerie for a handcrafted collection of tableware & Christmas decorations. Each piece has been artfully designed to reflect the bold colours of The Colombia Collective & the classic striped styles that Collagerie is known for. A whimsical selection of placemats, cup holders, napkin rings & baubles are available in 3 distinct colourways to bring a modern flair to your table this season; and of course, each piece is delicately handwoven by our wonderful artisans.

Collagerie is the inspirational online store celebrated for its chic curations of fashion, lifestyle and interiors. They're always ahead of the game and proudly focus their curations on 'the one thing, over everything'. We linked up with them as part of the Crafted for Collagerie project which shines a spotlight on independent brands renowned for their artistry; the limited-edition collaboration project sees six artisan labels create original pieces for the home. Throughout this project we worked with one of Collagerie's wonderful founders, Lucinda Chambers, to design a collection which perfectly blends the TCC & Collagerie aesthetics, resulting in uniquely crafted, exceptional new designs.

collagerie x the colombia collective
We worked side by side with Collagerie to design a unique selection of products that reflect The Colombia Collective's bright & bold style as well as Collagerie's striking, modern flair.  This blending of ideas resulted in the stunning and intricate 'Hoja' placemats, napkin rings and glass holders, the bold and beautiful 'Raya' placemats, napkin rings and glass holders and of course, it wasn't complete without our ever popular Christmas baubles with their very own Collagerie twist. The Hoja collection takes inspiration from nature with it's intricate leaf design, whilst the Raya collection pairs minimalist shapes with maximalist colour & pattern. We're proud to have created uniquely shaped pieces, in a multitude of alluring colourways which will be sure to liven up any home; all with the handmade charm of artisanal weaving.
collagerie x the colombia collective
collagerie x the colombia collective
The collection was handwoven by both our Usiacurí & Nariño artisans. The Usiacurí men and women have been working with iraca palm for generations; the men usually source and collect the palm, whilst the women - daughters, mothers & grandmothers - spend their days weaving. All of the tableware in this collection was intricately woven by the Usiacurí. The Christmas baubles however, were the work of the Nariño, located in the Sandona region. Weaving is the main form of income for many artisan women here. During the week, they will work on their creations and on the weekend, they will travel to a workshop to practice and evolve these designs. We are delighted to be working with both of these wonderful artisan groups and to see the magical masterpieces they have helped us to create.
usiacuri artisans

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