Our Top 10 Colombian Books

From heart warming tales to unforgettable stories, there is nothing quite like the power of a good read. So, here you have it, we've curated our favourite books to help you escape and explore the beautiful land of Colombia...
There Are No Dead Here: A Story of Murder and Denial in Colombia
Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno
A heart-rending tale detailing the story of three Colombians - a journalist, a prosecutor and an activist - who took a stand to reveal the corrupt collusion between Colombia's military-political establishment and the mafia. Fighting for peace and justice, and standing up against this corruption, the trio's ground-breaking investigations made history in landing a third of the country's congress in prison.
There Are No Dead Here
One Hundred Years of Solitude
Gabriel García Márquez
Written in the much celebrated style of 'magical realism', Marquez's bestselling novel shines a light on the conflict between the longing for peace and solitude and the innate necessity of love. With an abundance of rich, descriptive language and an ability to mentally transport you into another world, One Hundred Years of Solitude is an absolute must-read.
Our Favourite Colombian Books
La Forma de Las Ruinas
Juan Gabriel Vasquez
An alluring tale full of obsessions, conspiracies and assassinations, Vasquez's book is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Follow the journey of a man arrested for attempted theft and the consequences that follow, unearthing a web of secrets, theories and untold truths in the sphere of Colombian politics. 
Favourite Books
Colombia: a Comedy of Errors
Sergio J. Lievano and Victoria Kellaway
A delightfully entertaining read, full of humour and charm. This book delves deep into the workings of Colombia, analysing all aspects of Colombian society including the people, politics, economics, laws and culture. It offers a quirky writing style combined with illustrations and caricatures to bring a light-hearted element to a very in depth piece of writing. What's more it became a bestseller within it's first month of release in Colombia.
Our Favourite Colombian Books
The Armies
Evelio Rosero
The story of a retired teacher, Ismael, whose small Colombian town is caught up in a barrage of conflict. Told from Ismael's point of view, the text spans the initial idyllic days of small town life to the chaos that follows after violent drug wars break out. A tender and heartfelt tale of an elderly man and how his life was suddenly flipped upside down.
Our Favourite Colombian Books
Fruit of the Drunken Tree
Ingrid Rojas Contreras
A riveting story set in Bogota the 1990s following the lives of a young girl living in a safe, gated community and that of her maid who contrastingly comes from one of the cities' guerrilla occupied slums. This poetic novel is set against the backdrop of a troublesome Escobar era in Colombia and highlights the incredible friendship that can be born out of times of desperation.
Our Favourite Colombian Books
One River: Explorations and Discoveries in the Amazon Rainforest
Wade Davis
An adventurous tale exploring the stunning landscape of the Amazon and it's botanical mysteries. This book tells the story of two generations of scientific explorers who trekked the rivers of the Amazon and discovered the wonders of the people, the stories and the plant life there. A fascinating and eye-opening read.
Our Favourite Colombian Books
The Making of Modern Colombia: A Nation in Spite of Itself
David Bushnell
An easy to read and interesting overview of Colombia's history and politics. Bushnell's book dives deep into the economic development and socio-political democratization of the fourth largest nation in Latin America.
Our Favourite Colombian Books
The Fruit Palace
Charles Nicholl
Set in early 80s Colombia, The Fruit Palace tells the story of Nicholl's adventures in the country on his quest for 'The Great Cocaine Story'. Energetically written, the author's journey crosses jungle settings, shantytowns and slaughterhouses, as well as the infamous Fruit Palace Café. Part travelogue, part story, this book is a truly enjoyable read.
Our Favourite Books
Wade Davis
Another enticing read from the bestselling author, this time exploring the majestic River Magdalena. Davis shares stories of his travels along the mighty river, the people who inhabit the surrounding areas and the great significance that the waterway has served in Colombian culture. A fascinating look at the beauty of nature.
Our Favourite Books