Our Top 10 Colombian Films and Documentaries

From documentaries to dramas, both old and new, discover some of the incredible stories and cultures from across Colombia...


2019 ‧ War/Thriller ‧ 1h 43m
On a faraway mountaintop, eight teenaged guerillas with guns watch over a hostage and a conscripted milk cow. Playing games and initiating cult-like rituals, the children run amok in the jungle and disaster strikes when the hostage tries to escape.

Pájaros de Verano

2018 ‧ Crime/Drama ‧ 2h 6m

The origins of the Colombian drug trade, as seen through eyes of an indigenous Wayuu family that becomes involved in the booming business of selling marijuana to American youth in the 1970s. When greed, passion and honour collide, a fratricidal war breaks out and puts their lives, culture and ancestral traditions at stake. 

Los Colores de la Montaña

2010 ‧ Drama ‧ 1h 33m

Manuel dreams of being a goalkeeper and ventures into a minefield to rescue his new ball.

El Abrazo de la Serpiente

2015 ‧ Adventure/Drama ‧ 2h 5m

In the early 1900s, a young shaman (Nilbio Torres) in the Colombian Amazon helps a sick German explorer (Jan Bijvoet) and his local guide (Miguel Dionisio Ramos) search for a rare healing plant. 


El Testigo

2018 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 16m

Colombian photographer Jesus Abad Colorado dedicates his life to documenting the aftermath of war. 

Colombia Magia Salvaje

2015 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 30m

Showcasing the country's biodiversity, revealing the scenic vistas and native wildlife of Colombia's beautiful -- but fragile -- ecosystem.



2021 ‧ Animation ‧ 1h 42m

A beautifully animated film from Walt Disney. This musical fantasy follows Mirabel and her magical, multi-generational family; perfect for children & adults alike.

La Tierra y La Sombra

2015 ‧ Drama ‧ 1h 37m

Land and Shade is a 2015 Colombian drama film written and directed by César Augusto Acevedo and produced by the production company Burning Blue. It was screened in the International Critics' Week section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Caméra d'Or Award, France 4 Visionary Award and SACD Award. 


To End A War

2017 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 39m

An incredibly insightful documentary exploring the peace talks held between the FARC and the Colombian Government. This exclusive documentary boasts unprecedented access to governmental and political leaders during some of the most important moment's of Colombia's political history.


Los Viajes del Viento

2009 ‧ Musical/Drama ‧ 2h

The Wind Journeys is a 2009 Colombian-German-Argentine-Dutch drama film written and directed by Ciro Guerra. It was filmed in 80 locations in Northern Colombia and is spoken in Spanish, Palenquero, Wayuunaiki, and Ikun.